Senior software engineer needed to join the JUCE team!

OK, this is the big one for any JUCE devs out there:

We're looking for a rock-star C++ guru to join the core JUCE team and work alongside myself, Fabian and Timur!

Obviously you're going to need some pretty serious development chops to be able to make the grade, but it's a great opportunity for someone with the right skills to work on some fascinating, challenging and high-profile projects, and to learn a huge range of new skills.

The role will involve working on the Projucer as well as tackling problems across the whole codebase. Note that you don't necessarily have to be an audio or DSP expert, but total fluency in modern C++ and deep and wide experience of a good range of topics is essential.

The job is based in London, and unfortunately isn't the kind of role that would lend itself to remote working, as you'd be working closely with us on a daily basis.

If you're interested, please apply via the ROLI careers page:


Do you support H1B Visa and L1 Visa? That’s important for me.

Some important things for us are:

  • the ability to pay attention to details such as the dates of forum posts
  • the fact that this job was filled 4 years ago

Other than that, I’m sure you’d have been perfect! I’m going to lock this thread to prevent further confusion :slight_smile: