Separate dry and wet audio signals

Hey guy,

I have a question about audio separation between dry signal and wet signal. Well, I have total 3 filter functions and I want to put all 3 functions active in Wet Signal only, Dry Signal is still original normal signal. How can I get these functions to work only in the WET Signal? Any ideas?

I suggest you look into the dsp::DryWetMixer class.
In the processBlock, it lets you push in your unprocessed dry sample buffer, then do your processes on the buffer, then mix in the wet sample buffer.
Alternatively you just need to have an AudioBuffer already defined and do the same thing manually. Looking into the documentation on the AudioBuffer class will be really useful here for the various copy functions.

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I assume you have a “dry” Audiobuffer. Then create an audioBuffer which you can call wetBuffer and create a copy wetBuffer.makeCopyOf(dryAudiobuffer) to process

To mix with the dryBuffer I think it could be done easily, first apply dryBuffer.setGain(), and then dryBuffer.addFrom(wetBuffer, …), with the wet buffer gain as parameter. Although I’m not sure if you’ll need some sort of blend (in which one gain is relative to the other). In that case use the dsp::DryWetMixer class

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