Context parallel processing

Hi guys,
I’m using a process (dsp::ProcessContextReplacing context) method to process incoming audio. I know how to apply an IR using a convolver.process(context), but in this way the context will be overwritten with the filtered one. I’m wondering what to do to have a sort of “dry/wet” situation, where I can process the context as a duplicate and then mix between them.


in this case i usually write this function:

double mix(double a, double b, double p){
return a * (1.f - p) + b * p;

then you can just put the dry sample to a, the processing to b and the parameter which ranges between 0 and 1 to p

You need to make a separate copy of the dry signal (using a preallocated member variable AudioBuffer), process the convolution and mix the copied dry signal and the processed signal together into the audio output.

HI @xenakios,

Any suggestion if I have several processors (filters at different cutoffs). I am not sure if making many copies of the current buffer will have a latency impact.