Duplicate output with 2 different processing, is it possible? (double audio)

Hi, as from title, is it possible to duplicate an output processed in 2 different ways? example imagine to have 2 processing functions:

void DspModulePluginDemoAudioProcessor::process(dsp::ProcessContextReplacing<float> context)


My filters...


void DspModulePluginDemoAudioProcessor::OtherProcess(dsp::ProcessContextReplacing<float> context)


My other filters...


and you have a double output oevrlapped, one processed with the first function and the other processed with the other function, is this possible?

I’m a bit confused what you’re asking. Do you want to make a plug-in which has twice as many outputs as inputs? In this case it’s certainly possible, and you would just duplicate your input, send the duplicated input to your OtherProcess function, then write the output into the second half of your output buffer. However, I don’t know of any hosts (other than the JUCE demo host) that supports tracks with a higher number of outputs than inputs.

Hi, thx for answering, yes i think that i explained a bit confused, i try to make it more simple, im on the project dspmoduleplugin, and the filters are in the

void DspModulePluginDemoAudioProcessor::process function,

now what i want is 2 output, 1 fully processed, and the other without some of the filters in the ::process function, this is why i was thinking to 2 functions, but maybe could be managed only in one with some “If then else”, but the main thing would be for me to have the audio doubled, 1 fully processed and the other partially, like if in your computer you play 2 song simultaneously and they play both overlapped, but instead of a file is my input that escape 2 times from the speakers like said with 2 different processing, i’m still very new to juce so i don’t know if it’s possible, if it would require to create more outputs than inputs and copy the same input in more outputs, thx again for your time.