Set radioGroup on ToggleButton in rows of a TableComponent?

I have a TableComponent, and for a given column, I want to display toggleButtons that are mutually exclusive within that column. The setRadioGroupId() method doesn’t work in this case, ie the result is that all toggle buttons can be checked, but never unchecked. I suspect the reason it that the toggle buttons each get added to a distinct row component, and thus are not siblings within a same parent component.

Is there a way around this?

Here’s what the toggle buttons creation code looks like :

Component* TableComponent::refreshComponentForCell (int rowNumber, int columnId, bool isRowSelected,
                                    Component* existingComponentToUpdate)
    if (columnId == 4)
        auto* toggleButton = static_cast<ToggleButton*> (existingComponentToUpdate);
        if (toggleButton == nullptr)
            toggleButton = new ToggleButton();
            toggleButton->onClick = [this] (){DBG("CLICKED INPUT TOGGLE BUTTON");};

        return toggleButton;

    return nullptr;