Request for Button::setRadioGroupId() function

Hey Jules

Would it be possible to add a second argument to the Button::setRadioGroupId() funtion so we can choose what type of change notification is sent to the turnOffOtherButtonsInGroup() function?

Sure, no problem.

Thanks Jules.

Speaking about this, what do you think about generalizing the "grouping" concept to the Component class?

There are situations where it would be convenient to have some components grouped in a similar way than radio buttons are (for example, sliders that should move together when only one of them is moved)

In such situations, having the chance to assign a groupId to all those components via a setGroupId() call, and then obtain it back with a getGroupId(), could make cycling on those child components quite easy

What do you think about it?

Personally, I'd probably favour a base class that Components can choose to implement in order to do that in the more general case. It'd be easy enough to scan through a list of siblings and see which ones inherit from that class, and then call the appropriate method on them.

You could also use the Component Properties (NamedValueSet) in such cases.