setScrollOnDragEnabled No.2

Another weird thing I noticed is that:
I have a dropdown placed on a component that is being viewed in a viewport which has setScrollOnDrag enabled.
If I now click on to the dropdown arrow, the list shows up and all is fine. If I then click that arrow again,
I hit the assertion “jassert (numTouches >= 0);” in the viewport class. First I would start searching my code
but since the assertion is not in typical “Jules” style with an explaining or funny comment wrapped around, I thought it might be a good idea to ask whether this assertion is a leftover and is going to miss the next release anyway.
I am on juice 4.3.0. If I disable setScrollOnDrag, then all is fine and (no assertion).



I have updated to 4.3.1 using Producer and noted that some of the issues I had have gone but this one is still existing. Can you reproduce it?


Hi Joerg,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you but this should now be fixed on the develop branch.