Strange mouse issue


this is NOT a bug alert, this is rather a question whether anybody else have seen this behavior.
I have a few Viewports running, some of them inside the Listboxes I am using and some are
just there to display oversized components. All of them have setScrollOnDragEnabled set to true
and with all of them I have the same issue. I can nicely scroll up and down by dragging the mouse but out of a sudden,
they stopp scrolling. Once that happened, I can only scroll using the Scrollbars but even they
behave wobbling. I make use of mouseWasDraggedSinceMouseDown and timers to evaluate
events and to do things like background color changes but not really something dangerous (in my opinion).
So, before I dig into this a bit deeper, is this a logged issue in juce?

Thanks for helping me planing my time :wink:

Are you on the latest tip of develop? I fixed a similar sounding issue with scroll on drag enabled Viewports in this commit.


Hi Ed,

no, I wasn’t but now tested wit the dev tip on MAC. Couldn’t see the issue again but need to test a bit further. But using the same tip on Linux (Raspberry) throws a bunch of errors. I’ll come back with more detailed information.


No, unfortunately the issue is still there, even with the dev tip you’ve mentioned.


I’ve also seen this problem over the past several months, and haven’t got to the bottom of it. It is hugely annoying!