Setting Font and Colour for tabbed component


I have some queries I would like to ask here. Kindly check if someone can help me regarding the following queries

  1. I am trying to set color for the Tab which I created using TabbedComponent class by the following piece of code:

m_pTabbedComponent->getTabbedButtonBar().getTabButton( nTabIndex )->setColour( TabbedButtonBar::tabTextColourId, Colours::black);

But this code is not working for setting the Text color. I am struggling to change the text color which by default is white.

  1. I am not able to see setFont function for the TabbedComponent class. So is there any way to set the font for the tab text.

I will be really thankful if someone can look into the queries and post the reply as soon as possible.


I think you’d probably want to use a custom LookAndFeel to draw the tabs if you need that much control over it.