TabbedButtonBar look


I'm trying to change the colour of the font, using setColour, but to no avail. Also, I would like to have the title of the tab in the center. I've tried using the ASCII code for spacebar, but nothing. This only happens for the spacebar, though. Other codes are working just fine. 



    mytab.setColour(TabbedButtonBar::ColourIds::tabTextColourId, Colours::hotpink);

    mytab.setBounds(0, 0, 250, 25);

    mytab.addTab("\u0020\u0020Request\u0020\u0020",Colours::grey, 0);

    mytab.addTab("\u0020\u0020Settings\u0020\u0020",Colours::black, 1);


You obviously need more help than I have time to give.. but if you want to customise your tabs, the place to look is the LookAndFeel class.