in juce_TabbedButtonBar.cpp there’s this constant

I’m writing a custom LookAndFeel for a small screen where I only have 15 pixels available for the tabs and I’d like to be able to use all the available space including these 4 pixels.

I wish it could be overriden using a method like this:

int LookAndFeel::getSpaceAroundTab() { return 4; }

Ok, I’ll add something like that…



I’ve seen that you’ve check-in the change.

I’d like to add some more to the LookAndFeel wish-list for even more Tab customisation:

  • getDefaultTabDepth();
  • getDefaultOutline();

as well as some more ColourIds:

  • defaultBackgroundColourId
  • defaultOutlineColourId

It would also be quite useful to extend GroupComponent to have a backgroundColourId as well as LookAndFeel::drawGroupComponentBackground()

While i’m thinking about it, and writing down wishes:

We’ve already some colour inheritance in JUCE through Component properties and it’s rather powerful.

Now what I’d love to see in in the future would be a LookAndFeel using a generalized CSS-like mechanism ala QT or Adobe FLEX based on Component properties inheritance.

What do you think?

I guess you’ve already thought about that when adding dynamic properties capabilities to Components.