Look&feel getTabButtonBestWidth

i,d like the tab buttons on my tabbedcomponent to span the whole width (or hight if on the side) of the component. To do this i need to know the width of the tabbed component in the method getTabButtonBestWidth. This does not seem possible now because there is no reference to the tabbed component in this method.

Or is there another way to do this?

I,d also like to get rid of the dropshadow on the side if each tab button and the 1 pixel line around the whole component but i can,t find where those are drawn in the look and feel.

Ok, I’ve been tweaking some L+F stuff this week, so will also add the tab bar as a parameter to those methods.

The shadow is a component effect on the button component, so you could remove it by overriding TabbedButtonBar::createTabButton and calling setComponentEffect (0) on what is returned. The outline’s drawn in the L+F’s fillTabButtonShape method.

thanx, i,ll wait for the next version then.

i have implemented my own version of drawTabButton so fillTabButtonShape does not get callled anymore. Note that i,m refering to the grey 1 pixel line that is around the whole tabcomponent not around the tabbutton.

i,d also like to get rid of the indent that is on the left of the first tabbutton bu i could not find it in the L&F.

i can,t add an image or an attachment to this post? that would make it easier to see what i am talking about.

To post an image do something like:

aah yes i understand that but then i would have to host the image and that is just a hassle

i hear that you are refactoring a bit the L&F class. will be possible to get the slider know about the colour they will paint the handle (linear or radial) ? cause drawLinearSlider or drawRadialSlider of L&F doesn’t take any colour, so all the sliders are blue by default, and i need to colorize them based on their usage (mainly green for filters controls, red for oscillators, and so on).
would be gr8 :wink:

Yeah, that’ll all be possible in the next version…