Setting the app icon on Android

Hey guys,

I can not figure out how to set the ic_launcher icon for an Android app. I see the Icon small/large options in the exporter, but all I can enter there is none. I have tried pointing the “Extra Android Resources” field in the release exporter to a folder in my project that I named “drawable” but still nothing displays in the icon selector. Also tried to import the file into the gui editor assets (but that seems naturally wrong). The file I am using is a png and one I always use for my non-juce Android Java apps with no issue.

I have tried the solution as explained here:

but no luck, and this demo project seems to not be online anymore?

Any hints?

Many thanks

i just knew that as soon as i post it i will solve it myself.

as i saw around the forum i am not the first to ask so here is the solution - you must drag and drop the png to the project file explorer in projucer itself, right where all your cpp and h files are.

The image just needs to be added to the project in the Projucer and it will be picked up so you can then choose it from the icon drop-downs.