Import Icon into Projucer

I’m trying to add an icon to my VS2017 Configuration. When I click on the Icon (small) or Icon (large) fields, the only option I see in the dropdown menu is None. I cannot figure out how to import an icon file (specifically a .ico file for windows).

Anyone else out there have trouble with this?

I invite you to have a look at the JuceDemo example (examples/Demo/JuceDemo.jucer).

A .png file has been added to the project (Resources/juce_icon.png) and then is selected in the “Icon (large)” field. If you click on the dropdown menu, you’ll see that tile_background.png and portmeirion.jpg can also be selected.

Projucer will then take care of converting that image file into a .ico. I don’t think you can directly specify a .ico file to use.

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Thanks for the direction! Works great!