How do you set resource icons using IntroJucer?


When trying to select icons using IntroJucer, all I can select is ‘None’:

Is there something I’m missing?


Yup. Add the images to your project’s binaries on the file tab. They’ll show in the drop down then.

I tried adding a couple of .ico files and they won’t appear.
By images I guess you mean png/etc?

EDIT: To my disappointment, jules isn’t a fan of .ico because it’s from the 1980’s.
It’s a shame since .ico contains multiple resolutions. I will probably add my own .ico after IntroJucer.

Did anybody test this with Code::Blocks and MinGW?

I have still the system default icon after adding the images and recompilation.

You need to add a PNG/JPG/GIF and an ICO file will be generated for you.

MinGW won't work with Introjucer, you need to create a .res file on your own and compile that in your binary.

Yes, on res-file this way I have done it, but it will be a cool feature to autocreate the res file from the Introjucer. :-)