How to set executable icon in introjucer? (solved)


I see this nice dropdown in my configuration for VS2013 for Icon (Small) and Icon (Large), which says "Sets an icon to use for the executable", but it only gives me the option "None".

I've created an ICO file and added it to the file list - I've also added it to resources in the gui editor - but how do I actually make it available to select as the application icon?


It has to be a png ICO is not supported, so I used a PNG and then you just add it normally.

turntable, did you give the (png) file a special name? Can you explain it a bit more - step by step? I have the same problem...




Ok, i have to add it as file to the project ;-)

Is anyone an expert on this?

I’ve tried specifying icons (PNGS) in the jucer. Is this supposed to change the application icon? The task bar icon, the title bar icon or what?

I appear to have two icons in the Visual Studio Resource window now at least - but they aren’t appearing anywhere. All clues gratefully received :slight_smile: