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Hi all,i’ve finally been able to make my first ever GUI desktop application and i must say i’m impressed by Juce lib.However,i’ve gone through the documentation and i cannot locate an example of setting a window icon from an image created earlier .While there is setIcon() function it doesn’t seem to fit my needs as i have already created the icon and all i need is to ‘link’ to it.It’s either i’m looking in the wrong places or i don’t know what i’m looking for so please ignore my ignorance and give me a clue on what i should do.Thank you

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it depends on your OS, but you will probably need to use a resource file. Do a quick web search for setting application icons with resource files, there should be plenty of info there.


If you’re actually talking about an icon for your whole app, the introjucer lets you set one automatically.


… and if you are talking about the tiny icon in the Window non-client area, you can always specify that by implementing
a custom LookAndFeel-derivative.