Setting the NDK Path

AndroidStudio is moaning about the NDK version being wrong:

Instead of downloading just any version of NDK to get JUCE to cooperate, I thought I would be able to set the NDK version. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be an option, at least as part of the Projucer… Any ideas/suggestions?

Also, it seems the expected NDK version is rather out of date.

Being able to specify the NDK path was removed in:

(which is part of JUCE 6.0.5)

I don’t know why it’s considered deprecated though.

Strange. That’s a gripe of mine with the commit messages; lack of context.

My best guess is that there’s some kind of incantation needed wrt to Android’s idiotic mix of gradle version and whatever lib versions. I’ll have a deeper poke at this mystery on Monday…

The ndk.dir local property has been deprecated for a while now and the recommended way to install the NDK is “side-by-side” where it is bundled within the SDK folder (see the first “note” on this page -

If you need to specify a version of the NDK you can do so by using the android.ndkVersion setting in the build.gradle file. To do this in the Projucer you can use the “Extra module’s build.gradle content” setting in the Android exporter and in your case you’d add the following:

ndkVersion '22.0.7026061'

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Thanks for the detailed clarification! I’ll give your suggestion a try and will report back if anything.