setTooltip doesn't update anymore but retains initial message

void setTooltip (const String& newTooltip) override
    std::cout << "Setting Value: " << newTooltip << std::endl;
    SettableTooltipClient::setTooltip (newTooltip);

I have a component that uses SharedResourcePointer<TooltipWindow> tooltipWindow; and setTooltip. For some reason the tooltip only shows the first value it receives even though the 'Setting Value: ’ log shows the correct message for the tooltip.

While the component that uses the tooltip is slightly different to an earlier one, the earlier component certainly worked and had a tooltip that properly updated. That was in March 2016 when I was using Juce code from December 2015. I am currently using Juce 4.2.1.

Any ideas would be great.


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Very hard to guess what’s going wrong… If I was debugging it, I’d start by breakpointin in the bit where the TooltipWindow updates itself and see if it’s getting triggered.