Sharing ApplicationProperties between sandboxed and non-sandboxed versions of a plugin?

I have a plugin that I am shipping as both a sandboxed AUv3 and a VST3 plugin. I would like the two versions of the plugin to share a settings file so that when a user sets a setting in one version, it gets saved and used for the other. The problem is the AppProperties uses a different directory depending on whether or not a plugin is sandboxed. The sandboxed version is stored in some a nested “Containers” directory structure as one would expect. This results in two different settings files getting created–one for sandboxed, and one for not.

Since the ~/Music directory is accessible to both sandboxed and non-sandboxed version of the app, I would like to change the location where ApplicationProperties stores its data so that my settings file is stored in /home/<user>/Music/Audio Music Apps/MyCompanyName/MyProductName/. The problem is I can’t figure out how to specify the exact directory ApplicationProperties should use. Is this possible?