Short survey to help me understand the plug-in format landscape

I’ve recently been thinking a lot about various plug-in formats and the pain points in developing for them. I have my own opinions, but I’d really like to know what other developers think about the various plug-in formats. So I’ve decided to make a survey :slight_smile:!

If you want you can also enter a prize draw for a $50 amazon voucher :moneybag: (or GBP or Euros - no other currencies I’m afraid) or a prize draw for a single free three hour JUCE debugging :bug: session via Skype with me :slight_smile: (one of the former JUCE lead developers).

If you have 5 minutes, I would greatly appreciate if you could fill it out:


Also if anybody wants to help spread the word on the survey (especially to non-JUCE folk) then please feel free to retweet: