Great thanks for all of you

I’m that person who asked thousands of stupid questions here :slight_smile:

And you are the most patient forum community I have ever met :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot for your patience and the help you gave me.

This last time I want to ask you one more favor :slight_smile:
Let me explain.

I started working on audio plugins for three reasons:

  1. I’m generally a novice programmer, so I thought it was a great way to develop my programming skills;
  2. I love audio production, all this audio equipment and of course music;
  3. I love discovering new things;

In the last time (about two years or so) I’ve developed many simple plugins and standalone audio applications. And all thanks to your great help. Thank you again.

Now I’m writing all these thanks, because I just finished a stage in my C++ development career.

I just finished two plugins, of which I am most proud. Probably for professionals like you it’s no big deal, but for me it’s great fun and a great achievement.

And for the last time I would like to ask you for help. For any comments and advice about my plugs.

I’m not sure if it’s legal to advertise my shop here (if so, just tell me about it and I will give you the URL).

If any of you would be so kind as to test my plugins, I would be very grateful.
Just give me your email and I will prepare a special coupon for all of you to use to buy and register my plugins for free.

Thanks again for your patience and help.

With all due respect.

Translated with (free version)


That compressor sounds interesting! Kind of a wave-folder with attack and release, I like the idea!

O cholera!!!
I forgot to say that of course I will prepare coupon to aughorise plugins for free for anyone here if anyone wish. Then tell me in your email, because coupon need to be pair with e-mail.