Releasing a plugin - Deviant by Sadistic Audio

Hello JUCE developers!

My name is Ben Kelley and I’ve made a plugin that I want to release free, and, unless I receive advice otherwise from this forum, open source.

The plugin is called Deviant and my company’s name is Sadistic Audio. I’ve tried to conform the code to idiomatic, modern C++/JUCE best practices, with JUCE/C++20 being the only dependencies.

If I don’t have a reason not to, I’ll make the repo public tomorrow.

I’ve made a website/shop and the plugin is available for free by registering an account and downloading (currently macOS (VST/AU) only but Windows & AAX are built and will come soon).

I am writing this post to ask if anyone would be willing to provide feedback on installation and execution of the plugin, and if/when made public, any criticism of the code or any other general feedback would be also appreciated.

You can download the plugin at
You can find the basic site at

Deviant is a distortion plugin that implements several different types of static waveshaping.


Thank you!



Nice work!

I laughed at the “Pointless” “Filler” headers on the site — for a split second, I thought your copy was all-in on being dark/cynical, lol.

:slight_smile: lol, yeah I DO plan on adding some real content to the page, I promise…