JUCE Coding LIVE Video on Twitch

You can catch me LIVE most of the days on Twitch. There you can ask things out (JUCE related) and check me coding stuff up. :slight_smile:

Cheers, WilliamK

Here are the tools that I will be using.

JUCE Open-Source Cross-Platform Framework

Download JUCE at the following link

Microsoft Visual Studio (I’m using the 2017 version, but the 2019 will work too)

MVSC Free Express Version

I’m using C++ to code the whole thing using the JUCE framework.

Register an unique Plugin ID for each plugin you create.

Download the extra ASIO and VST (2&3) SDKs.

First first is to build the Projucer application.
Go to “JUCE 5\extras\Projucer\Builds”
And select the correct folder, in my case VisualStudio2017
Open the file “Projucer_App.vcxproj”
Change from Debug to Release (at the top mid menu)
The Projucer.exe file will be at the folder following
“JUCE 5\extras\Projucer\Builds\VisualStudio2017\x64\Release\App”

In you want to work with an open-source project and don’t want to bother on getting a free license and also don’t want the splash-screen shown, open the following file.
JUCE 5\extras\Projucer\JuceLibraryCode\AppConfig.h
Remember that you will must include all the project files as open-source and free to download and use.
Find the following
and change to
You will need to recompile Projucer.exe if you changed this after.

Explaining Denormals

I won’t make the whole project open source, but here’s the intial stuff.

You can check my other projects at the following sites.



Cheers, WilliamK