Absolute beginner questions

So I have done a few plugins in Flowstone and want to start messing with Juce, mostly done some programming in Ruby and messed with Asm.
I have a some very basic questions about getting up and running so please bear with me here :slight_smile:

I Installed Juce and visual studio 2017 community.
As i understand I use VS for compiling and releasing , I already did the plugin container and that seemed to work.
What I am having problems with is the live coding and just understanding the difference between exporting to visual studio and the live coding thing.

Should I be able to compile in Juce and see and work on the plugin or do I need VS as some kind of intermediary? Am I correct in assuming that visual studio is only needed for releasing ?

Should I be able to open one of the examples - hit build and see the interface without runing VS ?
I tried that but I get errors about missing files " corecrt file not found -windows.h file not found.

So I guess I would like to know if my assumptions are correct about the live coding as well as hopefully some help with these missing files.

Thanks for your time.

So, I solved the missing files part , I just paste the correct paths into the system header for the build.
But now , opening the gain slider project and opening the live view just shows a frame 300*200 and I can flip the orientation but none of the other controls work , nor does it show the slider . I get no errors in the build?

It would be good to see some code in order to see where you’re going wrong. Which project do you mean when you say you’re opening the ‘gain slider project’?

It is one of the example projects . I can open in VS - export and it works as a vst .
I tried a few other example projects , all of them open the Live screen with nothing except this 300*200 frame.