Plugins work in the example debugging host, not in FL Studio

Hey, I just recently downloaded JUCE because I wanted to write audio plugins, so there’s probably something really simple I’m missing, but I’d love it if someone who knows what they’re doing could help me out.
I looked at the examples and read the tutorials (which are simple enough) and got the tutorial midi volume plugin to compile and load into the debugging host. Which all worked fine!
But when I loaded the plugin into FL Studio it produced no midi output. I compiled some of the example plugins and while their GUI keyboards worked, none of them accepted midi from FL.
I’m using Visual Studio 2015 and when new audio plugin projects are created in the Projucer it spits out a popup saying something about the project being out of date. Does JUCE not work under certain versions of the Visual C++ compiler? What am I missing?

Can you be more specific on the exact error message that pops up? Does it pop up in the Projucer or in VS 2015?

I have the similar problem!
I’ve completed this tutorial and got my “midi-slider plugin”. Tryed (I think) every switch combinations in options for this plugin in FL Studio10. And it gives no changes to notes’ volumes when a pattern is playing.
Of course the source synth is set up in MIDI channels 0 as well as the plugin. In some cases the plugin mutes audio if it’s on the same FX channel in Fruity’s Mixer.
I’ve changed noteOnVel to Double (to exclude the conversion warning in VS error log). But this didn’t changed that it doesn’t work here.
I compile on VS 2012.

I’ll be glad if this strange problem will be solved! I need to get start to program own plugins and synths :slight_smile: