Show/hide Textbox in custom sliders

I'm having troubles trying to show/hide the textbox in my custom sliders.

Using hideTextBox if the box is already there doesn't work. I would like to have it dynamically show if I'm draggin my slider. What should I do?


I usually just call setTextBoxStyle() to show or hide the textbox. Are you sure you want to show it dynamically? Won't that cause the slider to resize every time a user drags it? Anyhow, if you want custom behavior like that you can do it in the look and feel method, or you can override the sliders mouse events in your own subclass of Slider.

Ok thanks, I think I'll go for another way. I'll use a Label and I will try to dynamically move it under each slider. 

Did you consider using the slider’s popup display capability instead?

setPopupDisplayEnabled (bool isEnabled, Component * parentComponentToUse)