Show/Hide Slider text box on mouse event

I'm trying to replicate some of my existing UI behavior in a JUCE-based plugin and doing fairly well so far.  One thing that doesn't seem to have an obvious solution, though, is the ability to present the value text box for a given slider (or other widget) when a user performs an action - say right-clicking on the control (or double-clicking if one was on Pro Tools, etc.)

I can intercept the mouse event and handle it, but I don't see an obvious way to hide the text box other than to set the text box style to "no text box".  I'd like to be able to position the text box arbitrarily as well - sometimes it should overlay a portion of the slider, sometimes over a text label displaying the value.  Escape or clicking out of the text box should cancel the edited value, hitting Enter should accept and end the edit, hiding the box.

Ideas?  Am I just missing something obvious?

Thanks in advance...