Slider text box and mouse scrolling

Not sure if this is a bug, but currently if you have a slider that is set to ignore mouse events when sliding (ie in a viewport) you can set either Slider::setScrollWheelEnabled(false) or Component::setViewportIgnoreDragFlag(true). This works for the slider, but if you have a text box enabled on the slider, it will eat the mouse events, and as far as I can tell there’s way to override that. If I’m wrong and there is a way, please do let me know!


Bumping this! Definitely a needed feature

It can be overridden but in a really bizarre way. There’s a function you can override in the lookAndFeel, from memory it’s getSliderTextBox(). This is where the box is made, as the slider class just holds a pointer to one. As you make it in the lookAndFeel, you can set the interceptsMouseClicks to false.

Really weird design imo, but doable.

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