Show waveform in GUI?

Hi. I’m new to JUCE. I would like to know if there are any packages (or other ready-made scripts/classes/plugin) for Android and/or iOS JUCE Libraries that has the following abilities;

  • I call it from external code (Flutter, Dart code).
  • I instruct it to generate a waveform image of a local audio file.
  • I can set how the waveform should look GUI-wise.
  • I instruct it to show this waveform vertically in a box object I have created in the host code (Dart).

Any tip would be fantastic!!

I don’t know any library doing so (for sure there must be and others will probably point them) but you even have a tutorial that does it:

If you wanna do it by yourself as a good JUCE learning experience, it’s pretty simple to do and you have multiple options, just let me know and I’ll tell you the basics

Thanks. I have seen that, but the tutorial say “Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux”. Does this work on Android and iOS to?

JUCE provides the raw building blocks for building cross platform applications, with extra attention given to audio related things. But, from your description it’s not clear why you want to use it, since you could draw waveforms with Flutter, for example:

THANKS!!! Fantastic. I have only assumed that I need JUCE to complement Flutter as I intend to learn how to code a mobile sequencer like app (but much simpler). I need to be able to record and see audio in a few tracks, ad some reverb, delay, mix it and then sync to midi files playing. Can I do all this in Flutter alone? I feel I need JUCE to get good results?

I don’t really know anything about Flutter, but did a quick google regarding the drawing of waveforms. JUCE would be a great choice to develop the backend.

Almost anything you do (code) in Juce can be compiled for any of the major platforms/OSses without problems, unless you rely on something specific to your OS to do a certain task.