showMessageBoxAsync broken on windows8

I still thinks this happens if you build in win7 and use in win8…
Is it possible you built the introjucer on win7 and used it in win8?

TheVinn, don’t hijack this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

  • bram

Did you use the latest version?

In this case it doesn’t matter, the code for showMessageBoxAsync hasn’t been updated in quite a while.
At least not that I know!

  • bram

this is just speculation, the problem may not be in showMessageBoxAsync. Even if the problem is there, this would be a useful information!
And even if there is only a small chance, to fix it with the latest tip, i would try it, otherwise you may just wasting other peoples time.

It’s not a problem with the message box, it’s with the DirectText layout stuff, which has changed recently, so yes, definitely try the latest version.

Hi Jules, this is what i get

  • compiled today with latest tip
  • on Windows 8 pro 64bit
  • Windows SDK 7.1
  • VS 2008

(Plugin Host while scanning the Plugins)


(hurray I’m not crazy)

nobody is crazy, unless you check it against the latest it tip, its just an assumption, now we have a fact.

Fair enough. I stand corrected: my crazy assumptions were correct, now they are fact. :wink:

  • bram

Can you work around it by building with JUCE_USE_DIRECTWRITE disabled in juce_graphics?

Since this works for me in Win7, does it seem reasonable to assume it’s just a Win8 problem?

No - it works for me on Win 8.

Well since it also works for me in Win7, I’m a bit stumped about how I could investigate it…

Even if one cannot recreate the problem on Win8 i does not mean that the problem isn’t related to Win8. I posted my SDK-Version, VS-Version etc… it would be useful to know which environment people have, where the problem not exist.

The first step could be to install Windows 8 :wink:

Problem did not exist for me with VS 2012 on Win8 Pro 64 bit, using the v110 platform toolset (Windows 8 SDK).

FYI, I can’t reproduce this on Win8 either.

Got the same issue. Customer reported that one of my products has the ‘squished dialogs’ on Win8. The app in question was built on Win7/64 + VS2008 + Windows SDK 7.1 + Juce tip @ 3/Oct/12

Today I updated to the latest Juce tip, rebuilt the Introjucer, did a full clean & rebuild of the app on Win7 (with VS2008 + Windows SDK 7.1). It still shows the squished dialogs when installed on a clean (and fully updated) Win8/64 install.

Also built Bram’s test app on Win7/64 + SDK 7.1 + VS2010. It looks fine on Win7, but when transferred to the clean Win8/64 machine - squished dialogs again.

I’ve just updated VS2012 with update 1 and tested this with the Platform Toolset set to v110_xp. Bram’s test app showed the dialogs properly with that too. As before this was on Win8 Pro 64bit.

So, the problem increasingly appears to only affect binaries built on Win7 (VS2008 or VS2010) and subsequently run on Win8.

Disabling JUCE_USE_DIRECTWRITE (as suggested by Andrew) DOES seem to workaround the problem - Bram’s sample project built on Win7/64 (with VS2010 & Windows SDK 7.1) then runs fine on Win8/64 for me. But I’m reluctant to disable JUCE_USE_DIRECTWRITE for customer builds without first understanding what the overall impact might be.

No… I tried that and it was ok. (And AFAIK the OS that you build in has no effect on the resulting binary anyway)

I’d like to fix the problem, but if I can’t reproduce it…