Signing on Windows

Hi, I’m trying to get a certificate from Sectigo (formerly Comodo) and the verification process requires getting signed documentation from a CPA. Is this normal? Has anyone else been through this process?


I got my Comodo cert through K Software and Mitchell was very helpful and made it easy.

Hi, thx - I’d rather deal with someone in Europe tbh. Did you have to get certified face-to-face validation for yours? thx

No, I just provided some reasonable documentation.

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Just done this.

either you set up a Limited Company which gets listed on some 3rd party system such as Dun & Bradstreet, they call the number listed there with an automated system to get validated.

or you have to get some documentation notarised

I went with the 1st option, needed some messing about to get the D&B details updated, and at one point I thought I would have to wait 6 weeks before the data would be available to Sectigo (despite relying on D&B, they don’t pay the subscription fees!)

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