Slider double-click vs alt-click

regarding Slider::setDoubleClickReturnValue

I’m familiar with this behavior for alt+click rather than double click.
I did a check of different plugins from different manufacturers to see which behavior is the prevalent one which users will probably be most familiar with.

Supporting alt+click and not double-click (some also support cmd+click):
Slate, Brainworx, Waves, Sound Radix, Apple

Supporting alt+click and double click:

Supporting cmd+click only (no alt+click):

Supporting double click only:

It would be nice for alt+click to also do what double click does (for now I’m subclassing Slider for this).
Cheers, Yair

Alt-click isn’t a shortcut that I’ve ever heard of before, but it seems fairly sensible, I guess it could go in there.

Yes, this is the most used shortcut on plugins to default a knob.


Alt+Click (Win)/ Option+Click (Mac) is the standard use in Pro Tools to reset a parameter.