Slider increment

On my Mac machine the Widgets demo sliders all increment in steps of .1, which is what they are set to. On Windows they increment by 0.2. I figured this was because of the different in screen resolution, my Windows machine being much less than my Mac. But then I had a friend check on a Mac with lower screen res than my Windows machine and it still worked fine, happily skipping along at 0.1. It’s not the end of the world. I just want know if it is expected behaviour?

Are you talking about the increment when dragging the slider? The inc/dec button slider has the correct increment on both platforms.

I also see slightly less granular increments on Windows when dragging sliders, although neither platform gives me completely consistent intervals. It seems that on macOS, the mouse cursor position is reported with sub-pixel precision, whereas this doesn’t seem to be the case on Windows (at least in my VM). Perhaps the additional precision on macOS allows the slider to move more smoothly.

Thanks @reuk for the reply.


That would seem to explain it then :+1: Case closed.