Slider TextBox

Hi All,


is it, in principal, a bad idea to give a slider its TextBox a transparent background 

and disable it to use its local bounds to draw my own fitted text in the L&F class onto the







Hi Hugh,

thank you for your answer but the reason why I still want to have the TexBoxAbove flag on

because this will maintain the proportion of the slider itself and, and this is the most important point,

it will maintain the position of the mouse area of the Knob. If I define NoTextBox then the drawing area

and mouse area of the knob will move upwards  to the center of the knob itself and will srew up mouse

input. I also can then use the TextBox its local bounds to draw my own text into the "invisible" TextBox

its drawing area.

For now I will stay with my approach until somebody tell me something better as it works flawlessly.


Anyway, thank you for your input.




Sorry, I forgot to mention that I am drawing a FilmStrip so the user won't necessarily

see when the mouse input area moves upwards!