Small application about Font rendering

Hello guys !

I created a GitHub account a long time ago and I decided to put a few things on it to share. I start with a little application I have made this week for debug purposes on typography and fonts. It's called "Font Rendering" (what a great name)

It displays a text you can choose on the center of the window, and it gives you various options to change what you can see :

  • If various graphics renderer engines are available, you will be able to choose the one you prefer. For example, on Mac OS X, you can use the default CoreGraphics renderer, or the one made for JUCE if you think the default one is too blurry :) You can also use OpenGL even if it does not change anything on the result here. On Windows, for now you can't choose in the interface to use DirectWrite (if available) or the Software Renderer, the choice is made at compilation only if JUCE_USE_DIRECTWRITE is defined to 1
  • You can choose the font you want to use, from the ones available on the system to one you can manually find on your hard disk. You can also change its height, style, extra kerning, scale factor, justification etc.
  • I made a very ugly function to display the text in the center, so that it can be justified horizontally and vertically, without going outside of the rectangle I defined for it, and without any fitting or word cut in the half like with the drawFitted function
  • Bonus : I have put some options to change the colour of the background and the colour of the text, only with the colours defined in juce::Colours

It's here :

Obviously, I'd like at one moment to add inside options using FreeType or all the stuff other Jucers have made on this area, but I have not been successful yet...

Tell me if you find it a little interesting somehow ;)



If people wants to try the application without the need to compile it, you can find it here :

The zip file includes the application for Mac OS X, for Windows (both with and without DirectWrite)

Cool app, thanks for sharing!

Thanks ! It has already helped me to find a few issues I had with font files loading.

I'd love moreover to be able to use a JUCE official FreeType support, since I have not been able to make thevinn's implementation working as I expected...

Yes thanks for this, looks useful for testing fonts on different systems.  I had some issues trying to get fonts working on Android using FreeType and this would be a useful way to test. 

Thanks for sharing :)

You are welcome ;)