Software for processing multitrack audio

Can anyone recommend software for sequencing / playing / saving multitrack audio?

I have to play a 4-track file out of the 4 outputs of my soundcard.
But I want to modify the file first.

I’ve been using Audacity for my waveform editor, but I’m finding myself more and more frequently hitting up against the limitations of it.

Out of the affordable commercial options, Cockos Reaper is the obvious choice. It has quite comprehensive multichannel capabilities.

Since you posted this here on the Juce forum, you could potentially use Juce to make your own software too. (Juce has multichannel audio support.) What do you need the software to do?

Thanks for the recommendation!

We want to do things like:

  • Split a 4-channel WAV Into its component channels, insert an audio chunk into each channel, recombine, export
  • For a particular USB sound card, play from the audio output while simultaneously recording into the audio INPUT

We need sample-level synchronisation. It seems that using QuickTime to play through our 4-channel soundcard actually does provide this level of synchronisation.

[quote="Xenakios & _Pi[/quote]
Hi, interesteing discussion here (on my personal interests).
i am also trying to get something like this, using the set of inputs/outputs from my soundcard.

As mentioned by Xenakios, i was starting to build my own multichannel devices with juce, and step by step, i am going to my objectives,quadraphonic up to octophonic FX units… great !

as i can expose the project, it would have a kind of matrix mixer, to split(multiple) or mix, even play audiofiles or using the direct input channels, and some fx stuff…
i dont know if your project is a commercial one, but maybe we can be in touch around this topic :wink:
let me know, please

have a great day