Software very slow with new 5k resolution Imac

Hello here,
We have some clients complaining that our software is crazy slow with the new Imac 5k resolution.
When they lower the resolution, it is very smooth.

The customers used to be fine with our previous release which used Juce 5.4.1.
Now we use 5.4.3.
Sorry for not being more accurate, we still lack information about this issue.

As we don’t have any 5k Imac, we couldn’t reproduce the issue, but I was wondering whether some of you guys have the same issue.

Many thanks,

Haven’t done full testing yet (esp. on Windows), but to address this I’ve added support for OpenGL to the plugin I’m currently working on, and at least on the Mac, it greatly speeded up the graphics drawing. To add that, I simply added an OpenGlContext object to my editor class, and in its constructor called that object’s attachTo function (passing *this), and in the destructor calls its detach function. Seems to work quite well!

Hello Howard,
Many thanks for your help.
Yes it reduced the issue a lot but not for all users. And it is not normal that changing the Juce version brought that issue.
Maybe someone from the Juce team could tell us if they changed something related to that ion the last release?

Many thanks :wink:

I can’t think of a specific change that would cause a dramatic slowdown between 5.4.1 and 5.4.3. Is there any way you could narrow it down a little?

Thanks @t0m. very hard to narrow it down unfortunately :frowning: We can’t even reproduce the issue ourselves…