[SOLVED] a mini-feat req : closing window by cmd+W

This is a feat Request that probably have been featured.

Look, my users hardly manages to close windows with the default cmd+W that Juce provides.

Actually, in Mac OS e.g., as soon as you down the W key, window is closed.
But in Juce, you have to do that :

  • down CMD
  • down W[b]
  • up CMD
  • up W[/b]
    ==> closed

otherwise, this configuration for instance, does not close :

  • down CMD
  • down W[b]
  • up W
  • up CMD[/b]
    ==> nada

In Mac OS 10, here is the configuration :

  • down CMD
  • down W
    ==> closed

Nothing important but should be notified.

This is the way my Juce apps behave, don’t think I’m doing anything special. All my apps started life as Jules’ sample App code.

I’m using DocumentWindows and DocumentWindow::closeButtonPressed() is being called on “down W”.

Ok recent versions corrected that.