[solved] Add key to Info.plist via Projucer

Hi everybody,
I want to hide my application from the dock (because it has already a SystemTrayIconComponent). That works, if I amend this key to the Info.plist:


So to make the Projucer write that key, I need to put that into the jucer file, but I didn’t find it documented anywhere. Does anybody know how to do that?
Only related sounding field: PList Preprocessor Definitions, but no clue…

Or will the Projucer needed to be extended with a select box “hide App from Dock” (and if applicable the same for windows, will need to figure that next)…


What you want to do is doable by using the Custom PList field. You can have a look at Projucer.jucer for an example.

And since a picture is better than thousand words:

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Great, thanks @McMartin!
The image helped, since I thought first, it would be sufficient to add the XML key and value, but that wouldn’t work.
But complete with plist and dict tag, it works like a charm!

Thanks again!