Jucer overwrites info.plist

Is this intentional? I’m adding some options to my info.plist and they are being removed - stuff like the fullscreen tag.


Well yes, it regenerates all the project files when you re-save the jucer project. It’s not smart enough to know which bits of the file you’ve changed, I’m afraid. The idea is that instead of editing the info.plist, you put the appropriate values into your jucer project so it can always auto-generate it.

I’m fine with that, but are there pre-processor directives to insert info.plist options? I can’t find how. Or does it go somewhere else in jucer?

Most of the info comes from settings like the project name, etc. If there’s something else you’re trying to add to the plist, let me know and maybe we can add a field for it.

So, maybe it needs to be a whole field. I don’t know the whole range - just find them when I need to. Here’s what I’m adding to this project, for example:

UIFileSharingEnabled This let’s the app appear in the files section in iTunes so you can mess with files
UIStatusBarHidden Hides the top status bar



Ok, I can add those. What does LSRequiresIPhoneOS do?

What it says - it just means it’s an iOS app. Meant to be there, AFAICT. There’s others - stuff specifying a camera, or phone features are required, but those are the three I’ve ended up adding a lot.

So, with the upgrade to the latest Xcode I need to specify a few custom options in an info.plist file. Is there someway to stop the jucer overwriting it now? Right now I need to specify the App Transport Security Settings …

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See this thread

Thanks Adam; that’s great!!