Info.plist not generated

Info.plist is not generated (anymore?) for my builds
running Xcode 7.1
Not sure if it is something I’ve done or not, since it probably been like this for a while and BitWig was the first host to reject loading VST wiithout (that I know of).
Is it a setting I can do in ProJucer or something I need to do in xcode?

Builds/MacOSX/Info-VST.plist is generated by ProJucer
Nothing is copied/generated to final build result.

The Projucer now builds a plist for every target and should copy the relevant plist into the bundles. If that’s not happening then it’s usually because your jucer file is still using a custom build script step. Make sure that this is empty:

Thank you, after re-creating XCode build target without “Custom Plist” and “Post-build shell script” and “Pre-build shell script” it works.
I can’t help but thinking though that it would be nice to be able to add pre/post-build script/commands even when letting ProJucer handle Info.plist stuff. Preferable even different commands for Debug and Release.
Perhaps a separate checkbox for “let ProJucer handle Info.plist” or something could be useful.

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You can still add your own pre/post-build scripts.

The problem is a bit complicated: before JUCE 4.2, the .plist was generated by a post-build script (which - as a side effect - would delete other plist files), which JUCE would automatically add to your xcode project. With JUCE 4.2, we let Xcode make the .plist file for you (without a build script), however, if you now opened an old JUCE project with the Projucer 4.2 - and had ever edited the post-build script - then the Projucer would not delete that post-build script leading to errors in the build. All you need to do is remove the parts of the post-build script that try to generate a plist file. You can still put your own commands in there.

Ah I get it, bit tricky indeed but it at least mean I can do post-build stuff, that is nice.