Post-build plugin copy script Projucer issues

In one of my project Projucer asks to replace the post-build script, but after that, the post-build script is complete empty.

In another project, Projucer simply does not replace the post-build script.

PS: I have the feeling that a lot of changes in JUCE 4.1 & JUCE 4.2 were implemented, with not enough thinking was involved. New features seems to be more important than stability and reliability, this is sad

Xcode will now copy your plug-ins on it’s own so a post-build script is not needed anymore. The Projucer should only delete the post-build script field if it is identical to the default script created with JUCE 4.1.

You are right that we have messed up a lot in JUCE 4.1 & 4.2 and are now catching up fixes this. There already was a long discussion about this in other threads.

Following this feedback, we have now created a develop branch for users to test any future changes - before we put them on master. Also, we will be focussing on further stabilising JUCE in the next months before we attempt any major new features.

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Thanks for the info!