Introjucer post-build script for plugins suggestion

I wanted to add that to the Introjucer suggestion thread, but i couldn't find it (the forum search is a mess!)

It would be cool if threre is a button (or a automatic hint) to update the post-build script for plugins



It's here:

Could you elaborate a little? :)

I grew tired of trying to maintain/update/modify a fairly long script in the small text boxes of the introjucer, so I recently changed it to use separate external files, like so (for XCode):

source ${PROJECT_DIR}/


source ${PROJECT_DIR}/

and for VS:

PreBuildEvent.bat "$(OutDir)" "$(Platform)" "$(Configuration)" "$(TargetName)"


PostBuildEvent.bat "$(OutDir)" "$(Platform)" "$(Configuration)" "$(TargetName)"

Having the pre/post scripts as separate files makes it MUCH easier to maintain and manage via source control (rather than trying to weed it out of changes to the project file).  Anyone who builds real plug-ins is going to have to modify the stock script anyhow, to deal with signing for AAX and/or copy protection.


I mean the script that copies the plugins into the plugin-folders, for time to time there is an update. But it will not be updated, because its just the default value for new projects.

I think it is better, instead, just move the script into the JUCE tree and execute that file from the post-build script