Projucer, AudioPlugin project: XCode post build script called more than once

This is due to the Projucer creating now various targets under XCode, and the post build script being invoked once per target (e.g. “Shared Code” and “VST”).

This causes the copied VST to be copied during the first call / target, and then deleted in the following one.

Quick-fix: deleting manually all but the “Shared Code” post build step script.


You should actually not need any post build script at all anymore, as the plug-in binaries now get copied automatically due to an Xcode build setting that we set instead.

What project is this? I guess that you should just remove that post build script.

Wow, I did not know that, thanks for the information!

I was working with some old Introjucer settings and was still using the script.
I’m using Projucer, checked out and compiled from GitHub (SHA1: ef5aefe05389ab)

As per your suggestion, removing the old script fixes the issue.

Thanks, have a nice day.

Yeah we removed the post build scripts from all our example projects but perhaps we should have made it more clear that you have to do the same thing in your own projects as well…

Maybe the projucer could compare the post build script with the hash of the generated one, so if it’s the default one it could remove it automatically, of if you want to be nice with a confirmation dialog. Saves some work on the support side.
…just an idea…

That’s a nice idea, let’s see if I can get something like that in. Thanks!