Post build script & plugins location


with xcode, there's a post build script (given in introjucer) that is run to copy the plugins in the 'default' plugins' locations.
is there something similar that could be set-up on windows with visual studio? or another simple alternative people usually use?

Coincedence! I just made this for myself yesterday (32 bit version):

cmd.exe /k copy /y "$(OutDir)\$(TargetName).dll" "C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VstPlugins\$(TargetName).dll"
cmd.exe /k copy /y "$(OutDir)\$(TargetName).dll" "C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VST3\$(TargetName).vst3"

For your target folders, check where your DAW is expecting them.

Cheers :-)

I use the following in my Post-build Command:

xcopy /Y "$(TargetPath)" "$(VSTPluginFolder)"

and have VSTPluginFolder as an Environment Variable. That means other people can use your build, even if they have a different VST plugin folder.

You could also use:

xcopy /Y "$(TargetPath)" "$(VST3PluginFolder)\*.vst3"

as a simpler command to copy a VST3 version out (although I've not tested that one, so let me know if it doesn't work).

thanks guys! that's great!



When I create a gui project in jucer (git tag 3.08) I am unable to enter a post build script: when I put in a script and then open the project in xcode 6.0.1 I get a project parse error.


However, when I generate a VST or other plugin the post build script works fine