Post build script in jucer

So I have a plugin now that I want to release. Currently it has a bug when I close the editor it decides to hang or crash ableton since moving to VT’s for state. Reading up I’ve seen a lot about SliderAttachment being a primary culprit though re-ordering the attachment members to bottom of header file hasn’t remedied my situation.

Now I’m going down to debugging in ableton by attaching Live’s process and initialising VST. So I should be able to figure this out. Though if anyone has any instinct on a remedy would love to hear it

My main question is in Projucer is the a way of adding post build script to copy the DLL direct into my VstFolder from either debug or release. I can do this in VS but the project files get overwritten if I add something in Projucer and it breaks the workflow and so I have to re-add script each time I say add a file.

I guess you missed the “Enable Plugin Copy Step” and “VST Binary Location” fields in Projucer.

See for more details.

EDIT: there is also the “Post-build Command” field, if you need to do more than just copying the plugin binary.

Ah cool that’s just building pretty much identical to what I had in.

when debugging it only seems to be ui thread stuff that comes through the DBG("") macro. Is this normal?

The DBG should print regardless on which thread it is called.

N.B. accessing the console is a potentially blocking call, so you should remove it from audio thread after testing (or in release builds they are removed anyway).
Just mentioning it in case or for unexperienced readers.