[Solved] Plugin Channel Configurations: Mono vs. Stereo input

Hi, I’m doing an FX plugin for the first time. In the Projucer option Plugin Channel Configurations, I set the value to {1,2},{2,2}. The reason being: I want to allow mono or stereo input, but output shall always be stereo.

When trying the plugin in practice with a stereo input, it seems Bitwig will downmix stereo to mono and then input it on the left channel only. So it seems the {1,2} part takes priority here, even though the input track is stereo. When configuring {2,2} only in the Projucer, everything works as intended.

So my question now is: If I go with {2,2} only, will all hosts automatically convert a mono track into a stereo track and input it correctly to my plugin? To clarify: I don’t need the {1,2} part at all, but figured I would need to implement it myself.

that’s something that confuses me as well. i was told that the channel configuration is only meant to restrict the DAW from using one that you don’t like to support, but the daw can essentially decide which ones it wants to use itself. but how can i set a preference or setting that works for all DAWs then? hope someone replies to this post providing a rather clear workflow or perspective on this

I’m having the exact same issue in Bitwig. I have my plugin set to {1,2}, {2, 2} but bitwig always forces it to {1,2} even if it’s on a stereo bus.

I have other plugins that I’ve written in iPlug that don’t have this problem in Bitwig, so there’s something I’m missing about how to implement this in JUCE.

just specify the configs in preferred order
{2, 2}, {1, 2}
that should work iirc


This seems to do the trick. Thanks.

For anyone interested, I didn’t encounter any problems in just using {2,2} so far. It seems unless you want to do some actual mono → stereo processing functionality, using this setting is fine and hosts will just provide a stereo bus.