[SOLVED] ResizableWindow::ColourIds::backgroundColourId override

i starting to create some custom theme: 
so idea is to create 2 of thems lite and dark - somethinki like in "Introjucer"

problem is that if i change in my construtor of "class DarkTheme : public LookAndFeel_V3" background colour for all windows, it dosent changes globaly:

DarkTheme::DarkTheme() {
   setColour(ResizableWindow::ColourIds::backgroundColourId, Colour::fromRGB(0,100,0));

so now i need each time when creating new instance of window delete it property by 

ApplicationWindow::ApplicationWindow(String const &name, Colour const &backgroundColour, int requiredButtons, bool addToDesktop) : DocumentWindow(name, backgroundColour, requiredButtons, addToDesktop) {

is there some other nice way how to do it from LookAndFeel class?

sorry my fail, i forgot that i add this colour when create this window indecision

ApplicationWindow *newAppWindow = new ApplicationWindow("MainWindow", Colours::lightgrey, DocumentWindow::allButtons, true);