[SOLVED] Would be great if Projucer allow us to specify custom linker and compiler arguments

Hi JUCE. Started with this awesome library few days ago and really love it. However, one feature is missing IMO: I want to be able to specify additional arguments for GCC and linker under Linux. For example, currently I can specify additional search path for libraries, but can’t set libraries itself. So I need to modify Makefile after every build.


i have been working toward this on my fork if youd like to check it out - these are some customizations i have made over the years to make JUCE more friendly to a GNU makefile workflow with features such as custom Makefile steps with default make install and make uninstall targets and global compiler flags

it is mostly functional but perhaps a few months out of date with upstream (~v4.2.2) - no promises here - still a work in progress - use at your own peril - contributions welcome

Did you not see that there’s a whole bunch of settings when you select the exporter itself rather than the configs inside it?

Obviously it lets you set all kinds of things like linker settings, extra libraries, etc… Wouldn’t be much use without that!

Cool, I will check it out

Thanks, Jules.
Actually yes, i didn’t noticed this window at all. Now it’s clear for me! Awesome!

yea as i remember on my last upstream merge i had to remove some of the fields i added because they are in the jucer now

again if anyone want to contribute more ideas to this little side-project please do - and apologies for the messy diffs - i think this is my editor replacing all the windows newlines - i always run git diff -b when working on JUCE projects and i forget the github diffs are not that smart yet

@jules i was planning someday to suggest some of these enhancements that would be a handy for gcc users - even a single “no-clobber” zone at the bottom of the Makefile like in the view templates would be nice - that was the next thing i wanted to add

  • added implicit default install and uninstall Makefile rules
  • added textboxes for overriding default install and uninstall Makefile rules
  • added default DESTDIR and PREFIX to Makefile for INSTALLDIR
  • made “Makefile” build directory name match the GUI Target name

Sure, suggestions always welcome!